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Re: E-M:/ Hunting Preserves

Enviro-Mich message from "Aretta Schils" <squaw@provide.net>

Thank you, Pam, for the information but I had already found that but
couldn't relate it to the type of "hunting preserves" that are popping up in
our area.  The farmers are not raising the birds but purchasing them from
others just to bring in and be shot.

Bill's description is right on except that these preserves are not fenced
which I do not understand since Act 451 of 1994 says they will not be
licensed unless they are enclosed and I interpret that to mean a fence but
maybe I'm wrong.  Farther down in the act it says that dogs being trained or
used shall be confined to the premises at all times.  So far, all dogs I've
had the pleasure of meeting do not know how to read the boundary signs
required every 150 feet so without a fence, how can the owner gurantee the
dogs will remain on the premises.

I love living in the peaceful quiet countryside versus the bustling city. I
accept farms and most things associated with them but 365 days of guns
firing, dogs barking and birds being slaughtered so some hunter can feel
macho because he shot a pheasant, does not seem to come under the definition
general farm practices.

I don't object to the placement of the hunting preserve that has popped up
in our township because it is in an isolated area.  I do object to the
others that will follow if there is no local control.  At the next board
meeting, maybe I'll suggest that we should put a warning sign below our
township welcome sign telling people to duck because of all the shotgun
blasts :)


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