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 --- Issue 173--- December 4, 2001

The mourning dove has been legally protected in Michigan since 1905. Last
year Michigan animal advocates won a hard-fought battle to maintain this
protection, narrowly defeating a bill that would have legalized a dove
hunting season.  However, certain members of the Michigan state
legislature and organized hunting groups are pushing a new measure to
authorize the target shooting of these gentle birds of peace.  They have
introduced House Bill 5478, a bill that will transfer authority to
"designate" a new species as game from the Legislature over to the
non-elected Natural Resource Commission, which has already stated its
strong wish to institute a dove hunt.  This bill will affect ALL future
wildlife issues in the state, but is being pushed specifically to
establish a dove hunting season.
HB 5478 is on the fast track and is expected to be voted on in the
Michigan State House, and possibly the Michigan Senate, within days.
Please call your Michigan state (not federal) representative and ask him
or her to OPPOSE HB 5478. If you do not know who your Mich. state
representative is, you may look up them up online at:
http://www.house.state.mi.us/locate.html or call the House Clerk at
517-373-0135 and ask to be transferred to your Rep's office. Also, contact
your Michigan state senator and urge him or her to oppose any legislation
to promote a dove hunting season! Find your senator's contact information
at: http://www.senate.state.mi.us or call The HSUS (202/955-3666) to find
out your senator's phone number. For more information, see:

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