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Date:         Thu, 6 Dec 2001 11:31:55 -0500
Subject:      New DEQ Press Release - 12/06/01
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December 6, 2001

Contact: Ken Silfven
(517) 241-7397

Clean Water Grants Available From DEQ

The Department of Environmental Quality is accepting grant applications for 
nearly $21 million in water quality improvement projects through the Clean 
Michigan Initiative.

Applications are due Jan. 31, 2002.  Funding is expected to be available 
before July 2002.

Local matching funds ranging from 25 percent to 50 percent of the grant 
award are required.  In-kind services are eligible for consideration as a 
local match.

The application package summarizes the four activities to be funded.  They are:

* Implementing approved watershed management plans developed under a 
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System wastewater discharge permit 
for storm water discharges from municipal separate storm sewer drainage 
systems (also known as a voluntary storm water permit.)  About $4.5 million 
will be available to implement water quality protection or improvement 
activities in DEQ-approved watershed plans developed under these 
permits.  Eligible entities are communities operating under a voluntary 
permit.  It requires a minimum 50 percent match.

* About $4.6 million will be available to implement activities in 
DEQ-approved watershed plans whose emphasis is on protecting high-quality 
waters, including establishing permanent easements, implementing vegetative 
and structural best management practices, implementing 
information/education strategies and institutional policies, and 
implementing other activities for the long-term protection of water 
quality.  It requires a minimum 25 percent match.

* Implementing water quality recommendations in Remedial Action Plans 
(RAPs) and Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPs) developed under the Great 
Lakes Water Quality Agreement.  The RAPs have been developed for 14 Areas 
of Concern as listed in the grant application package.  The LaMPs are 
available for lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie as well as Lake St. 
Clair.  About $6.7 million will be available.  A minimum 25 percent match 
is required.

* Implementing programs to identify and require the elimination of illicit 
connections to municipal separate storm sewer systems.  Approximately $5.4 
million will be available for owners and operators of municipal separate 
storm sewer systems, including those covered under a voluntary storm water 
permit.  The highest priority for these funds is to implement programs that 
identify and require the elimination of illicit connections that are part 
of an overall plan to address water quality on a watershed basis.  A 
minimum 25 percent match is required.

The package is available by contacting the DEQ's Nonpoint Source Unit at 
(517) 373-2867.  It also can be downloaded from the Internet at 
www.deq.state.mi.us/swq/ by selecting the "Grant Application Packages" link.

For more information contact Amy Peterson at (517) 373-2037, or by e-mail 
at petersa1@michigan.gov.


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