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E-M:/ EIS Ordered For MDOT Freight Terminal Project

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Full Study Of Freight Terminal Ordered
MDOT Responds To Community Demands, Federal Environmental Law

Detroit, MI--Responding to community demands, the Michigan Department of
Transportation (MDOT) today agreed to conduct a comprehensive study of
impacts on residents of a proposed massive new Detroit Intermodal Freight
Terminal (DIFT) in southwest Detroit. 

Communities for a Better Rail Alternative (CBRA), representing local
residents and community groups, said MDOT will now have an opportunity and a
legal requirement to ensure the likely health, safety, environmental, social
and economic impacts of the DIFT on Detroit and Dearborn are thoroughly

"We have said all along that a full federal Environmental Impact Statement
(EIS) was required of this project," said Kathryn Savoie, CBRA

 "We know that MDOT's own data shows more truck traffic and that means the
health of our residents will be significantly affected.  We also know
peoples' homes and businesses are threatened, and the mere proposal of this
project is having a negative effect on property values.  We are pleased that
MDOT now agrees there are significant impacts on the community, and that
MDOT will now meet its legal obligations under the National Environmental
Policy Act (NEPA)."

The proposed DIFT would stretch along southwest Detroit and Dearborn with a
seven-mile long footprint in the heart of a thriving community where
residents have undertaken major rebuilding efforts in recent years.   Homes
and businesses along the DIFT would be condemned for construction of
facilities that are projected to attract thousands of trucks into nearby
residential areas. 

A public hearing on the DIFT is scheduled before the Detroit City Planning
Commission at 6 p.m. today at UAW Local 227, 4300 Lonyo, Detroit. 

CBRA is a coalition of 40 organizations and more than 500 residents united
in opposition to MDOT's proposed DIFT and is developing its own community
friendly alternatives.


David Holtz
Environmental Media Coordinator
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