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E-M:/ Power to the NRC?

The legislation proposing to transfer power to the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) - and concomitantly abrogate representative government - is being touted as promoting "scientific game management".  Everyone owes it to themselves to become acquainted (or reminded) of the true character of the NRC.  There is one scientist on the commission - Paul Eisele (currently working for Masco, the world's largest producer of plumbing and kitchen fixtures).  It is worthwhile to visit the DNR's web site and read the bios on the commissioners.  The six members other than Eisele include a retired GM employee, a former restaurant owner, the executive director of a medical center, a former TV host/producer, a former executive in a surgical products firm and Upjohn, and the CEO of a power line supply company and owner of a truck dealership.  The prevailing qualification seems to be that one is a hunter, fisher, or trapper and has been heavily involved in a Chamber of Commerce, economic development, or industry.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a natural resources commission composed of botanists, zoologists, ecologists, and of other disciplines that understand what science is and that realize that game species are only a small component of ecosystems?  The current band of political appointees are not worthy of the role they have, and certainly don't deserve more power.