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E-M:/ Muskegon Lake Fisherman Landing is being stolen from the public

Enviro-Mich message from HAMILTREEF@aol.com

One of the biggest challenges for the public is keeping the resources we 
thought we already have.  When the public waterfront land becomes too 
valuable, the developers join with corrupt politicians and realtors to steal 
the land.  This is the case on Muskegon Lake with Fisherman Landing.

Fisherman Landing is the finest wind protected 10-ramp boat launch, 20-acre 
campground, and 2000-foot lakeshore recreation combination in West Michigan.  
It was purchased with Michigan Land Trust Fund money.  The proposed land swap 
is illegal (MLTF rules), but the local sportfishers do not have the money to 
protect the land grab in court from the corrupt politicians with ties to the 
developers.  The local Muskegon Chronicle is so bias favoring any destructive 
developments on Muskegon Lake that they refuse to print all the facts 
favoring Fisherman Landing remaining at its present location.  The chronicle 
even lied when it said there were only 4 ramps at Fisherman Landing when 
there are actually 10.  The proposed new location for Fisherman Landing is 
nonfunctional, only 5-acres, and a total illegal scam by the city of Muskegon.
There will be two meetings, with Tuesday's being the most important.  Both 
are on the main floor of Muskegon City Hall.  Monday is at 5:15 and Tuesday 
is 5:30.  It doesn't matter if you come late, but it could make a difference 
if you don't come at all.

For first hand facts contact:
Wayne Groesbeck, President Michigan Anglers Association (MAA)
231-7771555, wgroes1308@aol.com

Deb Hawkins, MAA & Fisherman Landing Mgr.
231-798-7889, miangler@aol.com


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