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E-M:/ Vote for tighter CAFE standards at Wardsauto.com

Hey Michigan and Motor City Folks –


The following is from www.wardsauto.com:



“Despite advances which have seen the combustion process become significantly cleaner, environmentalists continue to sound the alarm.  Auto emissions pose an imminent threat to the environment’s well-being, they say. 


This claim:

  1. …should drive immediate adoption of stricter Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFÉ) standards.
  2. …should is plausible, but warrants further study before CAFÉ changes are considered.
  3. …is unfounded and threatens to hijack established consumer preferences.”




HUH???  “Hijack Established Consumer Preferences”???  What the heck does THAT mean?




Go and cast your vote.  So far, it’s 67% in favor of immediate adoption of stricter CAFÉ standards.