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E-M:/ Court Rules North Novi Park Settlement is Illegal

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>

Court Rules North Novi Park Settlement is Illegal
Novi, MI., December 11, 2001

Lynda Racey
Friends of Novi Parks
PO Box 123, Novi, MI 48376-0123
Tel:    248-374-1888
Fax:    248-596-9146

The Friends of Novi Parks was pleased by Judge John
McDonald's ruling today finding the 
proposed transfer of at least 95 acres of North Novi
Park to be illegal.  Judge McDonald 
ruled that the proposed sale of the parkland was
prohibited by the Michigan Home Rule 
Cities Act.

Judge McDonald's ruling came after almost 2 full days
of testimony from city administrators, 
experts and members of FONP. The FONP filed suit last
month to prevent the sale of a 
portion of the North Novi Park by the City to the
Sandstone developers to settle an unrelated 
lawsuit. The suit claimed that the sale of the
parkland violated State Law prohibiting the sale 
of parkland without a vote of the residents.

"All we wanted was an opportunity for the Court to
hear our side of the story", said Bob 
Shaw, FONP President.  "We feel vindicated that the
Judge agreed with what we have been 
telling the City all along." In his ruling, Judge

In his ruling Judge MacDonald found that there was
ample evidence that the land was 
required as a park in the master plan. 

"It was always in the City's best interest to have
both sides of the legal claims addressed 
before approving any settlement with Sandstone. We
think we ensured that happened", said 
Lynda Racey, one of FONP’s attorneys.

Despite the legal dispute, the FONP plans to work with
the City to protect, acquire and 
develop parks and open spaces in Novi. "I would much
rather spend my time at North Novi 
Park than in a court room", said Brian Smith. FONP
members will continue to work with 
City staff to develop and improve the facilities at
North Novi Park as well as Novi's other 
parks. The FONP plans to be a positive force for all
of Novi's parks.

The Friends of Novi Parks is represented in the suit
by Scott Howard of Olson and Bzdok, P.C., 

and Lynda Racey, a local attorney and one of the
members of the group.  Olson and Bzdok is a 

Traverse City , MI law firm specializing in
environmental and land use law.

The Friends of Novi Parks’ purpose is to support the
protection, acquisition, and 
development of parks and open spaces in Novi. For more
information, you can visit their 
website at www.friendsofnoviparks.org. The
organization can also be contacted at Friends of 
Novi Parks, PO Box 123, Novi MI 48376-0123.


PO Box 123
Novi, MI 48376-0123

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