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E-M:/ polluted runoff

Hello and Happy Holidays.
This paper may be of interest to those who are addressing polluted runoff from manure disposal on agricultural lands.
Abu-Ashour, J. and H. Lee.  2000.  Transport of bacteria on sloping soil surfaces by runoff.  Environmental Toxicology  15:149-153.
"Pathogenic bacteria exist at soil surfaces as a result of practices as spreading of liquid manure on agricultural lands or use of treated wastewater for irrigation. . . . Surface runoff carries bacteria significant distances downstream causing serious threats to ground and surface waters. . . .   Results confirm the important role of runoff in bacterial transport on soil surfaces.  They show E. coli survives in semiarid areas for a long time and increases potential of contamination." 
Happy Holidays,
David J. Zaber
p.s. congrats to the FONP group.  I hope folks notice how fair open public hearings of issues results in better mgmt. approaches.  Perhaps this airing of the issues on the sell off of public parkland in the Detroit area will make us all more vigilent as the Bush administration works to undermine environmental protections while we are all concerned about terrorism and our soldiers overseas.