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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:16:23 -0500
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Subject: With These Hands on CBS Sunday Morning
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Holiday greetings!

Thought you would enjoy knowing that CBS Sunday Morning is scheduled to 
feature a portion of our "With These Hands" documentary project in a 
segment entitled "Gifts to Us" this Sunday, December 23. (Tune in!)

CBS Sunday Morning airs 9-10:30 am EST (check local listings).

JCarl & Eileen


About With These Hands...

Northwest Michigan is changing. It's one of the fastest developing regions 
in the state, and the American Farmland Trust reports that it's losing 
farmland more rapidly than most any area in the country.

But behind the change remain a sense of community and sense of place, built 
by generations of farm families. Behind the studies and dire predictions, 
most farmers continue to plow their land until the developer knocks on 
their door. On the surface, they are about growing food, but deep down, 
they are about growing home.

With These Hands looks at four farm families who are stewards of the land, 
quietly touching the lives of those around them. They are neighbors, 
parishioners, teachers and friends in the communities of the Old Mission 
and Leelanau peninsulas. They are the roots of a place where nature crafted 
a climate so ideal for growing as to make it almost unique in the world.

You will meet Mary and Whitney Lyon, who nurture as many people as trees, 
through their church, their children and their charity. You will follow the 
dream of Leo Ocanas, a determined Mexican migrant boy who promised his 
mother that someday he would help feed the world. You will walk with Lew 
Seibold as he contemplates the agrarian ethic and cultivates its blessings 
for his family. And you will visit with Rex Dobson, the heart of the Ruby 
Ellen Farm in Leelanau County, where his family's history is as rich as the 
soil his great-grandfather tilled after his return from the Civil War.

There is a culture in agriculture we can feel, but often forget. It is a 
more subtle way of life, balanced to the rhythms of the seasons; a story 
written in long hand over the pages of time. The fragrance of a fresh-made 
pie at dawn in the well-worn kitchen. Baling hay in the last light of the 
day, racing the drench of oncoming thunderstorms. A hike to the hollow 
behind the orchards, where a family-filled toboggan slips over the 
afternoon snow. A bounty of food and fellowship among migrant workers who 
know the value of their industry and the depth of their worth. Simple 
things that slowly transform the earth, like farming. Quiet people who 
speak through generations.

Their lives reveal a more subtle side of life in Northwest Michigan, a 
neighborliness and sense of community that many fear may soon disappear.

The non-profit journalistic-documentary project includes: 35-minute video 
documentary 52-page magazine with a regional distribution of 55,000 copies
ten-part radio series airing throughout Northwest Michigan and the Upper 
national award-winning website containing audio, video and hundreds of 
traveling gallery exhibit of photographs

With These Hands was produced and directed by MediaVia in association with 
the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, and with primary funding from 
the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Support was provided by the Old Mission 
Conservancy, the Leelanau Conservancy, and the Grand Traverse Regional 
Community Foundation. Additional support was provided by FujiFilm USA, 
Digieffects, LaCie USA, Marantz-Superscope, Cherry Republic and Kenyon 
J. Carl Ganter
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