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E-M:/ Detroit News: Future water shortages could foster new conflicts

This from the Detroit News:  http://detnews.com/2001/nation/0112/27/a05-376603.htm






Future water shortages could foster new conflicts
Global scarcity may breed instability

By Joan Lowy / Scripps Howard News Service

   WASHINGTON -- It is a frightening scenario: Millions of refugees streaming across borders in search of water, governments shaken from within by water riots, hostile nations pushed over the edge in open warfare by conflicts over scarce water.
   It's a picture that appears increasingly possible in the coming decades. By 2015, nearly 3 billion people -- 40 percent of the projected world population -- are expected to live in countries that find it difficult or impossible to mobilize enough fresh water to satisfy the food, industrial and personal needs of their citizens.





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