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From: Kirk Haverkamp <kirkh@glc.org>
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View the latest issue of the Great Lakes Commission's bimonthly newsletter,
the Advisor, online at 

Highlights include:

      "  Coverage of the Great Lakes Commission's 2001 Annual Meeting in 
      "  Congress acts in support of Great Lakes Program priorities.
      "  $3.14 million in new grants awarded for Great Lakes restoration 
and management.
      "  Point-counterpoint: Are new steel import controls needed?
      "  "The Last Word" -- Chairman Nat Robinson on the need for a 
comprehensive Great Lakes Restoration Plan.
      "   Special report: Great Lakes, Great Waterways: An Enduring Legacy 
, at 

The Advisor is also available online via the Great Lakes Commission's home 
page at <http://www.glc.org>http://www.glc.org . Check under "what's new @ 
the commission" for the latest issue. For back issues of the Advisor, 
select Publications, Newsletters, Advisor .

Kirk Haverkamp, Advisor editor
Great Lakes Commission
Argus II Bldg., 400 Fourth St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone 734.665.9135, Fax 734.665.4370

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