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E-M:/ Best Management Practices Again

Enviro-Mich message from melmoth <melmoth@dmci.net>

Yep, our dairy CAFO's are once again following "Best Management
Practices" and
spraying liquefied feces and urine onto frozen ground on Elm Rd and M34.
Hillsdale County.
It is way past time to demand a moratorium on the lagoon and sprayfield
and the injection of liquefied feces and urine from industrial animal

If animal agriculture insists on industrialization we must demand they
install the
same waste treatment systems that municipalities install. There should
be no
difference between the treatment of animal waste and the treatment of
human waste.

Where is the DEQ? Where is EPA? Where is the Department of Public Health
and where are our lawmakers?

Kathy Melmoth
Pittsford, Michigan

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