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January 17, 2002

For Immediate Release Contact:     Terry Swier  231-972-8856
                                                      Karen L. Ferguson
                                                      James M. Olson

Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation ("MCWC") circulated a Press
Release, dated January 16, 2002, based on the conclusions contained in a
report prepared by its environmental consultants Ball Environmental, that
corrective measures should be taken to prevent further harm to a bald eagle
nesting site near the pipeline route for water to be pumped at the well site
by Great Spring Waters of America, Inc., a subsidiary of Perrier Group. The
consultants believed from their observations of the excavation, ditches, and
grading along the fence line, that the disturbed area that threatened the
nest was due to the construction of the pipeline or related activities.

However, today, MCWC and its attorneys received a Press Release, dated
January 17, 2002, issued by GSWA, Inc.'s representatives, claiming that the
conclusions regarding the threat to the eagle's nest are false, because GSWA
and its contractors were not involved in any such activities. MCWC's
attorneys have made an inquiry with its consultants about the report, and
until MCWC has received an answer regarding the same, it requests that its
Press Release, dated January 16, 2002, not be used as the basis for any news
story. It should also be noted that the consultants' report also addressed
erosion and sedimentation problems at the well construction and Sanctuary
site, and that this is of equal importance and needs to be addressed. The
matter still needs to be investigated by the agencies that have been
requested to do so.

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