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E-M:/ Rally Thursday for Detroit River!/ Oppose Maroun

The Friends of the Detroit River are joining a coalition of  business and community
organizations to organize a rally this Thursday, January 24, from 6 PM to 7 PM,
to oppose the nightmare that Manny Maroun and his companies are unleashing upon the Downriver Detroit Community.

Support is sought.

When: Holiday Inn, in Southgate, on the SE corner of I-75 and Northline.
6 PM sharp.

(A facts sheet, and a flyer ready for printing are attached at the bottom)

Why? Maroun has purchased the hulk of the former McLouth Steel Company in
Riverview and Southgate that looms over the Detroit River for almost a mile. He is
attempting to pull a technical maneuver on the Federal Surface Transportation Board  (STB) by claiming exemption from local and state regulation because he has found some unused railroad tracks on the property.  He is  claiming to be a railroad. Railroads enjoy many exemptions from local control.

Many of us fear that this site will be much more than an inter-modal truck and rail  depot. It will be a deep water port for the importing of Canadian Trash via ship!

Maroun’s  scam  would effectively block the whole region's greenfield initiatives.

This is the first time in almost 100 years the community has had a chance to re-think the uses of the river. And another chance may not come by for generations!

Alternatives.  The Detroit River has  been named a Heritage Rivers. A Federal Act has just been signed making this stretch of the  Detroit River a "International Wildlife Refuge".  The Downriver communities have been enjoying a renaissance, planning greenways, cleaning up air and water. This scam will reverse the progress we have seen!

In recent years a full mile of ancient  chemical factories  have been torn down just north of this site in Wyandotte.  Parks, a  golf course, a boat house, a monument to the Wyandot Indians -- and more -- have been placed where the factories had blocked citizens from the river.

Riverview and Trenton want the opportunity to plan  this space according to long term, community interests. Trenton had engaged Architect William Mc Donough for this task.


1. attend rally. Voice opposition.

2. Write Mr. Vernon A. Williams, Secretary; Surface Transportation Board; 1925 K Street, N.W.; Washington, D.C.  20423-0001;
Re: STB Finance Docket No. 34040, Riverview Trenton Railroad Company – Petition for An Exemption From 49 U.S.C. § 10901  (To facilitate delivery of mail, while anthrax provisions are slowing it down: letters can be faxed to Rob W:  Fax 202-973-7610.)

For More Information, please contact:
Blair J. Mc Gowan

Fact Sheet and Flyer are attached.

Flyer #1 vers two.doc

Fact sheet on Maroun's depot-port-rr in Riverview-Trenton.doc