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E-M:/ Fisherman Landing - Muskegon Lake

Enviro-Mich message from HAMILTREEF@aol.com

Fisherman Landing - Muskegon Lake

The multi-million dollar Fisherman Landing property grab for a private 
developer by the city of Muskegon will be discussed briefly at the city 
council meeting on 1/22/02, Tues. 5:30pm at the Muskegon city hall. 

The comment period may be brief because anybody wishing to speak at the 
council meeting must "pre-register" by filling out a card at the City Clerk's 
office before 5 pm." This announcement will NOT be known to most of the 
public outside of city hall inner circle. 

The new mayor may be trying to eliminate as many possible comments of 
opposition to the transfer of Fisherman Landing on behalf of the developer 
who was the mayor's largest campaign contributor. By “pre-registering” the 
comments before 5:00pm, the mayor eliminates most all of the out-of-town 
travelers that will not know of this so they can drive long distances for 
nothing. He may also be trying to keep away the public that has to work until 
5:00pm that won’t know of this quiet dirty trick “pre-registering” maneuver. 
The inner circle of the mayor's developer friends will of course all be 

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