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E-M:/ We need to address

The applicant\'92s claim is misleading 

because it ignores the significance that these agency determinations have had in getting the 

application process to where it is today, and also because the applicant\'92s list of \'93favorable\'94 

determinations is selective, to say the least. \par

}{\plain  \ul0 \tab The applicant repeatedly quotes findings by various officials of the Department of Natural 

Resources, all of whose duties are now handled by the DEQ.  These include the original reviewing 

officer, Charles Wolverton (now the applicant\'92s private consultant); the Administrative Law Judge;{\super 6{\footnote \pard \qj 

{\plain \super 6}{}{\plain William Fulkerson, the Administrative Law Judge whose Crystal River opinion was 

rejected by the EPA, has gone on to an interesting career in private practice.