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E-M:/ House Directional Drilling Ban Vote

Enviro-Mich message from "Jeff Surfus" <jeffsurfus@mediaone.net>

I thought folks might want to know who the 7 representatives are who voted
against the directional drilling ban.

Commit these names to memory:

Clark Bisbee, District 64 - Jackson
Ken Bradstreet, District 105 - Gaylord
Cameron Brown, District 59 - Sturgis
Larry DeVuyst, District 93 - Alma (Chair of House Conservation and Outdoor
Rec committee!)
Leon Drolet, District 33 - Clinton Township, Macomb County
Susan Tabor, District 71 - Lansing
Steven Vear, District 58 - Hillsdale
In addition, Reps. Bradstreet, Drolet, Tabor, and Vear made the following
statement on the floor defending their "no" vote:

"Mr. Speaker and members of the House:

Slant drilling for oil and natural gas has occurred in Michigan for
decades. It has been done safely, and all scientific
examinations of the procedure indicate that the risk of harm to the Great
Lakes ecosystem is tiny. Unlike off-shore oil
platforms, an alternative that we do not allow in Michigan, this form of
energy extraction bores deep beneath the
lakebed from drilling sites located well back from the shoreline.
Well-intentioned supporters of this legislation seek to
avoid a repeat of the Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaska, but such a
comparison is inapt. Tankers and oil platforms
float oil on or pump it directly through the body of water. In the Great
Lakes, oil and water are presently separated by
a lot of rock and earth. Slant drilling is specifically designed to keep
it that way.

Recreational boaters in Michigan cruise the waterways loaded with nearly a
million barrels of gasoline every year.
They purchase a lot of it from more than 200 Michigan marinas that are
licensed to store fuel very close to the water.
Meanwhile, commercial petroleum tankers now float 50 million barrels of
petroleum across the Great Lakes every year.
Tanker trucks carry more than six billion gallons of petroleum down
Michigan highways, right past countless inland
lakes and rivers, every year. While none of this activity is desirable in
a perfect world, we could not survive
economically without most of it. The logic that would have us ban slant
drilling would apply with substantially greater
force to each and every one of these activities.

The science and the timing of this proposal are wrong. Two months ago,
President Bush signed House Resolution
2311, which prohibits Great Lakes' mineral extraction leases for two
years. During this time, the Army Corps of
Engineers will conduct yet more scientific studies regarding the safety of
slant drilling. There has been no shortage of
caution and care regarding this issue. Common sense and scientific study
have and will continue to be applied to this
matter before any decisions are made regarding future energy extraction
from the fuel located deep underneath the
Great Lakes. Though well intentioned, this legislation is irrelevant
regarding both the problem and the solution."

Come election time, the shameful seven have a lot of explaining to do.

Jeff Surfus

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