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This report is REALLY worth reading -- it also has one of the best covers I have seen for a report on the environment (although the PDF takes a while to open). The layout really emphasizes that when our state agencies turn their back on environmental violations, they are coddling criminals, in the worst sense of the word.  You can practically hear Jack Webb's voice reading the "Evidence". 
You know, when someone embezzles money, for example, chances are it doesn't destroy the health or potentially kill the innocent victims of that crime.  The crimes in this report sometimes DO result in death, or destruction of health or property.  Yet because it is "environmental" as opposed to "assault with a lethal substance" the Harding Way is to walk away from it, or let them off with slaps on the wrist.  Environmental Crime Pays in Michigan far too often -- and it has got to stop! 

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.  A copy of the “Soft on Crime” report is available at the MEC web site:  http://www.mecprotects.org.