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E-M:/ Whitehall LeatherTannery agreement reached at White Lake, Muskegon County

On 1/28/02 the city of Whitehall, Genesco, DEQ, and others met to clear up some last minute details that were still holding up the final signing of the consent agreement to clean up Tannery Bay in White Lake.  The timing was getting critical as the bids need to get out very soon in order to meet the cleanup schedule for year 2002.  All sides compromised on some points.  The city council of Whitehall then held a special meeting on 1/30/02 to vote and move forward with the consent agreement as modified.  The Whitehall city council felt that this plan of action was the best that the city could obtain, and that if the cleanup did not take place in 2002, then the available money, future agreements, and cleanup of Tannery Bay might never take place.

Tannery agreement reached