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Hello folks.

The Kraft campaign is about protesting and boycotting them because they use genetically engineered ingredients and they are really Phillip Morris, the cigarette giant who donates millions in PAC money to our legislators, and hides behind the Kraft label. Lets kick some butts (cigarettes of course!) This national day of action is going on in hundreds cities around the world and a number of national grass roots groups are leading it: Friends of the Earth, Organic Consumers Association, Public Interest Research Groups, National Environmental Trust, Institute for Agriculture &Trade Policy, Pesticide Action Network North America and the The Center for Food Safety, Infact

Reflecting on the words of BrianTokar, national activist, author and educator at his recent visit to the Green House in Ferndale, MI, he said grocery stores are a good place to reach consumers on genetic engineering issues, here's your chance to affect change.

If you're based in the Birmingham, Royal Oak or Ferndale area, I am trying to round up some people to do a leafleting event at a grocery store in Fearndale on this Wednesday Feb. 6. Meet outside the Green Party Green House in Ferndale - green 2 story bldg at Nine Mile and Woodward...Say around 5:00-5:30. I have all kinds of stuff to give away and some colorful posters and costumes too! Tell your friends. Please call me (Mary LaFrance) at 734-282-6935 or e-mail mary.lafrance@mindspring.com

If you are located elsewhere in Michigan, there are actions taking place in Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo and Lakeland see below:

leader, Ann Arbor, MI: Jeremy Moghtader koushyar@umich.edu  7342226075

leader, Ann Arbor, MI: Nancy Osborn nosborn@mediaone.net  7346637593

leader, Kalamazoo, MI: Krysten Voss krystenvoss@hotmail.com

leader, Lakeland, MI: Dawn Sonfire onelove@rainbowphamily.org

Many other materials for the events (fact sheets, flyers, list of products, etc.) are now available on at www.gefoodalert.org.

Contact Lisa Archer, Friends of the Earth larcher@foe.org or 202-783-7400 www.foe.org

Kate Madigan at the State PIRGs at kmadigan@pirg.org or 213-251-3680 x 315

Laurel Hopwood, GEC Chair Sierra Club www.sierraclub.org/biotech/kraft.asp

Christie Phillips, Organic Consumers Association, phone: 773.784.3698
fax:      773.784.3669, Christie@organicconsumers.org



PBS documentary on NAFTA's Threat to Democracy
On Tuesday February 5th at 10:00 PM we should all
be watching a Bill Moyers documentary on PBS entitled: "Trading Democracy."
NOW WITH BILL MOYERS ONLINE at PBS.org  (www.pbs.org/now)



Well, it's that time of the year in Washington again.   President Bush
delivers his State of the Union speech tonight, and there aren't too many
surprises expected.

If only it could be different.  Our friend Ben Cohen, of ice cream fame, has
put together an amusing video of The State of The Union We Won't See.   We
encourage you to check it out, and then if you choose, plug into a new
network of good folks and good groups who hope that someday that can change
for real.

Check it out: http://www.contractwiththeplanet.org/sotu/sotu2.html

One more tidbit: Oregon firefighter Ed Hall was one of four picked to greet President Bush on a recent visit to Portland. He knew he would have only a few seconds to say something, so he thought carefully about what it would be. He said, "Mr. President, we don't need to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge." Yes! Thank you, Ed Hall.