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Enviro-Mich message from Barbara Jean Madsen <bjmadsen@umich.edu>

This is a nice idea, but it would be preferable to plant tree species that
are native to our region, and even better to plant a wide variety of
species, rather than large amounts of one species.  (Massive planting of
American elms along thousands of residential streets hastened the progress
of Dutch elm disease.)  Also, spruce are not very good shade
trees--hardwoods would be better for that purpose.

Anyone want to recommend a source of trees native to Michigan for Earth
Day plantings?

	--Barb Madsen

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, JJuricic wrote:

> I recently ran across something that I think might be of interest to the members. Perhaps you have heard of it, perhaps not. It seems to me it would be especially appropriate what with Earth Day coming up in April. It's called the GIVE-A-TREE Campaign.
> They are Thriving 2 year old Blue Spruce Evergreen Seedlings packaged in 12"L x 1"D recyclable Enviro-Tubes. Trees help to regulate our climate, protect water quality, keep many harmful chemicals from entering our troubled atmosphere and create energy-saving shade. To request a free sample go to: http://www.freeadvertising.com/afepremium.htm  Where it asks for a code number just insert my name: James F. Juricic.

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