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Enviro-Mich message from Barbara Jean Madsen <bjmadsen@umich.edu>

Another item on wetland mitigation or the lack of it: see item 3 in this
edition of the Daily Grist (a good source for current environmental

	--Barb Madsen

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04 Feb 2002
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE, a project of Earth Day Network

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has determined that there was
"no sound scientific basis" for the federal government's decision to
deny irrigation water to more than 1,000 farms in Oregon's Klamath
Basin during last summer's drought.  A panel of 12 independent
scientists, convened at the behest of Interior Secretary Gale Norton,
concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that withholding the
water helped protect endangered suckers and threatened coho salmon.
Although the decision is a triumph for the area's farmers, who drew
national attention with demonstrations and protests last year, the
NAS was careful to avoid faulting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
and the National Marine Fisheries Service, which made the decision to
preserve water.  The scientists instead praised the effort to protect
fish and criticized the lack of funding to implement protection plans
and conduct additional scientific studies.

straight to the source:  Portland Oregonian, Michael Milstein, 04 Feb 2002

Fair-to-middling was the U.S. ranking in a new study, presented at
the World Economic Forum last week in New York, that rated the
environmental health of 142 countries.  In the study, conducted by
the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy and the Center for
International Earth Science Information Network at Columbia
University, the U.S. came in at number 51, behind Botswana (15) and
Cuba (47) but ahead of Japan (62) and Great Britain (98).  The
top-ranking countries were (can you guess?) Finland, Norway, Sweden,
Canada, and Switzerland, while the worst were Haiti, Iraq, North
Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.  Interestingly, the study found
no clear correlation between economic wealth or degree of
industrialization and environmental health.

straight to the source:  New York Times, Katharine Q. Seelye, 02 Feb 2002

For almost a decade, developers have been required by federal law to
create 1.78 acres of wetlands for every acre they destroy.  Sounds
great, but a new study by Washington State's Department of Ecology
found that only about 13 percent of 24 replacement wetlands in the
state are successful.  Wetlands-protection rules were established to
protect watershed health, provide critical habitat, and reduce danger
from flooding, but most of Washington's artificial wetlands failed to
provide the benefits of natural ones, either due to poor design or
poor maintenance.  Conservationists say the findings support the case
for protecting wetlands from destruction in the first place.

straight to the source:  Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Associated
Press, 03 Feb 2002

straight to the source: Everett Herald, Jennifer Langston, 02 Feb 2002

Okay, it's predictable, but it's still a bummer:  President Bush
announced today that he will seek sharp budget cuts in environmental
initiatives and dozens of other domestic programs for the upcoming
fiscal year.  After all, the president's proposed $379 billion
funding bonanza for the Pentagon has to come from somewhere.  Bush is
calling for reduced funding for the U.S. EPA, a hiring freeze in the
agency's enforcement division, and a miniscule increase in the
Interior Department's national parks budget, which environmentalists
say will be woefully inadequate to address the $4.9 billion backlog
in park maintenance projects that Bush has vowed to erase.  Is there
a light at the end of the tunnel?  Maybe.  Former Vice President and
once (and future?) presidential hopeful Al Gore emerged from the
political shadows on Saturday to criticize Bush for his economic and
environmental policies and "rejoin the national debate."

straight to the source:  Washington Post, Eric Pianin, 03 Feb 2002

straight to the source:  CNN.com, 04 Feb 2002

straight to the source: Washington Post, Edward Walsh, 03 Feb 2002

do good:  Take action to increase funding for national parks

Gearheads have reason to feel smug about their Patagonia fleeces
these days.  Once again, the company appears among Fortune Magazine's
top 100 places to work in the U.S. -- and this time it moved up 17
places in the rankings, to number 41.  The company sold $223 million
worth of outdoor gear last year, but it's not just the money that's
green:  Patagonia offers its workers everything from financial
rewards for buying eco-friendly cars to two months paid leave for
working for an environmental nonprofit to organic food in its
cafeterias.  Plus the company pledges 1 percent of sales or 10
percent of pretax profits -- whichever is higher -- to conservation
efforts.  To top it all off, the California-based company offers
on-site childcare, flexible work schedules, and yoga and surfing
classes.  Heck, maybe Grist employees will defect.

straight to the source:  Los Angeles Times, Fred Alvarez, 04 Feb 2002


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