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I am glad to see it.  When we attended the public hearing in Detroit, I asked the person with the MDEQ who I was told was responsible for arranging the meeting, why it wasn't held in the community near the incinerator.  She told me the schools were unsafe there; they had metal detectors, and she thought people would be afraid to go there.  I was incredulous. I reiterated for her that of course what she was saying was that people who lived in the community would be afraid to attend a public hearing in a high school in their community, because they would be afraid.  I could not believe her lack of awareness of cultural issues.  She was clearly afraid of the neighborhood, and I am sure the MDEQ is afraid of outcry from the affected community.  I cannot believe the MDEQ would have someone with such cultural insensitive in such a role.  Oh, I take it back, of course I believe it. 
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From: Ed McArdle
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 8:55 PM
Subject: E-M:/ Detroit incinerator public meeting

A public meeting will be held on Monday Feb.18 at 6 PM at the Third Baptist Church 582 East Ferry in Detroit.  The church is located west of I-75 and east of Woodward.  This meeting is being hosted by State Representative Mary Waters in response to a letter detailing the problems with the MDEQ public hearing on Jan. 30 concerning the renewal of the operating permit for the Detroit incinerator which is the largest in the U.S. and perhaps the world.  The hearing was held with very little notice in a hard to find location eight miles away in Delray.  This was also the night of the snowstorm which made it more difficult to attend.  MDEQ has extended the deadline for comments to Feb. 28,  However, they have refused to schedule another hearing in the neighborhood of the incinerator.  This goes against all environmental justice guidelines.  Rep. Waters has graciously offered to remedy this situation.  She has also invited the MDEQ to attend.  We hope to turn out people from the neighborhood including the Wayne State and cultural center areas.  But this is not just a Detroit problem.  Even though the facility may be in compliance with federal regulations, it is still a major polluter of the entire region.  I will be glad to e-mail a fact sheet or discuss this issue by phone, 313-388-6645  Ed McArdle