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E-M:/ Will Granholm be "missing in action"....?

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm
has dedicated her AG career so far to
attacking the Federal Clean Air Act,
air pollution cleanup regulations and health standards in the
Federal Courts on behalf of John Engler
and Russ Harding.   Is it possible that
just once she would not be "missing in action"
when it comes to defending the Clean Air
Act against the latest obscenities now coming
out of the Bush Administration????

Here (below) is what the NY Attorney General has to say
about the latest Bush Plan.  Is it possible that
Jennifer Granholm has preserved any environmental
policy-making independence from Engler-Harding
and could publicly say something similar??

I won't be holding my breath!!  Frank Kelley did a
lot better job of publicly expressing this kind
of policy-making independence when he was in office.
Looks like that is a tradition that Granholm has
trashed in favor of keeping any disagreements with
the Engler crowd out of public view and shrinking from
any confrontation with Engler....

Contact:   Judith Enck                          For immediate release:
                 518-473-5525                            February 14, 2002


The Bush Administration's air pollution proposal is a grave disappointment 
for every American who wants to breathe clean air.  In simple terms, this 
proposal, coupled with anticipated changes to the New Source Review program 
of the Clean Air Act, is a rollback, not an advance, of air pollution 

The Bush Administration proposes to place nationwide caps on three major 
pollutants - sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury.  The proposal 
offers too little too late.  It virtually ignores the greenhouse gases that 
are linked to global warming.  It sets pollution caps that are too high and 
are imposed too late and fails to account for regional differences.  The 
federal government itself has concluded that enforcement of existing law 
will achieve greater pollution reductions sooner than this proposal.

It is widely expected that the Administration will use today's proposal to 
justify gutting the current Clean Air Act.  This would be devastating for 
New York and other Northeast states that have been particularly hard hit by 
the ravages of acid rain, urban smog and the accompanying respiratory diseases.

The only beneficiaries of this indefensible policy will be the owners of 
dirty power plants, coal companies and the oil industry.

I urge the President and EPA Administrator Whitman to reconsider their 
approach.  We need them to join with the northeastern attorneys general in 
vigorously enforcing the Clean Air Act.

The time to study these issues has long passed. The time for action to 
significantly reduce air pollution is now.


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