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E-M:/ STB Revokes RTRR exemption; seeks additional data


Valentines Cards are in.

We got the attention of the Surface Transportation Board!
It revoked Manny Maroun's RTRR "railroad" exemption.
But it will seek additional information, before it makes a final

Over 2000 letters of objection went from the community to the STB. Over
500 participants rallied on January 24th against the Railroad on the
River. Congratulations to all who participated!

Attached is the 14 page (.doc)  ruling of STB. Its readable. It outlines
some of the areas where more work must be done.

This is great news. But the effort to salvage this Detroit River site
for compatible river uses is going to be a long one.

Through elections, we have hired  people to represent and to work for
us. Obviously this is a top community priority. I think we should insist
that  our elected representatives  get together and design a way to win
this one. I hope they continue to work for us on issues of restoring the
Detroit River.

Blair J. Mc Gowan

STB decision of 2-14-2002.doc