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E-M:/ Re: Great Lakes Satellite Imagery

Enviro-Mich message from "Timothy Carpenter" <geodynamics@home.com>


Thanks for the reference to the algae bloom images -- they are exceptional.
I looked for a supporting article on the GLIN site but could find nothing.
Can you give me some directions?

For those who may have been disappointed in the images, note that some
monitors may not be set properly to see the full range of colors in the
actual images. If the lake has a continuous solid color then you are not
seeing the full picture. Try downloading the images to your photo-editor and
manipulating the color intensity and contrast. The patterns are very
prominent and their movements can be traced from day to day through the
entire sequence.

I don't disagree with your argument that particulate matter can influence
cloud formation, but the suggestion that the heavy, semi-linear cloud
formation on 24 July (NNE of Muskegon) is attributable to the coal-fired
plants south of Milwaukee is a bit of a stretch. I would want to see such a
pattern recur many times before considering it to be a manifestation of
power plants. Besides, based on the cloud formations, I'd wager that the
wind was blowing out of the WNW -- so the cloud is in the wrong location to
be from Milwaukee:)


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