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E-M:/ MPSC Supports Forcing Nevada to Accept High-Level Nuclear Waste

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@voyager.net>

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>Laura Chappelle, Chairman                                      Mary Jo Kunkle
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>Robert B. Nelson
>      LANSING, February 20.  "On behalf of the Michigan Public Service
>Commission and Michigan ratepayers, we'd like to express our support
>of President George Bush's decision to approve the Yucca Mountain site
>as a permanent repository for the disposal of high-level nuclear waste,"
>said MPSC Chairman Laura Chappelle.  "The President's action significantly
>advances the repository development process which will ultimately move
>the high-level nuclear waste from Michigan's power plant sites located
>on the shores of the Great Lakes to a remote, well-designed, isolated
>and secure location," noted Commissioner Robert Nelson.
>      Since 1983, Michigan ratepayers have paid more than $430 million
>into the Nuclear Waste Fund as their part of the policy agreements under
>the Nuclear Waste Policy Act.  Utility ratepayers nationwide have committed
>more than $19 billion for the investigation and development of a high-level
>nuclear waste repository.  The 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act formally
>created the process and scheduling for creating a federal deep geologic
>repository for disposing of the spent nuclear fuel or high-level nuclear
>waste and established the source for funding the federal program by accessing
>costs to customers benefiting from the electricity generated by nuclear
>power plants.  The schedule envisioned a 16-year program that would have a
>repository operational in 1998.  The President's action moves the process
>to the next stage, the submittal of a license application to the Nuclear
>Regulatory Commission, following the approval procedures of the act as
>      "We strongly support President Bush's leadership to get the program 
> back
>on track,"  said Commissioner Dave Svanda, who is also First Vice President
>for the national association of state utility commissioners.  "If the process
>requires further action by Congress, we will be expecting Michigan's Senators
>and Representatives to help solve this problem for Michigan's citizens 
>once and
>for all."
>      The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and Industry
>February 20, 2002
>(MPSC supports advancement of nuclear waste repository process)
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