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Fwd: E-M:/ Couple files suit over wind turbine denial

This could be an interuption the plan for the green energy program.

Couple files suit over wind turbine denial:
Township board: Structures clash with land use plan


Having read the referenced article and the MPSC press release on Yucca Mountain

I do not understand how -

IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for a rural landowner to lease his property to install wind turbines to produce electricity because the township board claims "the structures" will clash with scenic views and will hurt property values.


IT IS ACCEPTABLE (according to the Michigan Public Service Commission, Energy Secretary Abraham, and Messrs. Cheney/bush) -

to have a nuclear electric system that produces waste that kills and mutates any and all living things for thousands of years and to force that waste on a community that knows the dangers and is unequivocally opposed to being a nuclear guinea pig for the next 20,000 years or so. 


IT IS ACCEPTABLE to drive all of this highly radioactive nuclear material that has been accumulating at your local nuke plant for the past 20 - 40 years down I-94 and I-69 and all the other roadways until is dropped off at the "safe" (the national experts say it's safe - so it must be) nuclear repository outside Las Vegas, Nevada. 

I guess as long as Michigan is not the site for the nuclear waste dump we'll just continue generating our fair share for delivery to Nevada.................