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Mercury is a dangerous pollutant that only the most extreme government officials feel is not a problem in our environment.  I believe all of Michigan's lakes have mercury advisories for fish consumption.  A fact that suggests federal programs that fail to control this pollutant may be bad for Michigan.
The Bush administration's attack on the Clean Air Act is only the latest move by the most extreme anti-environment administration this nation has perhaps ever seen.  Taking its place in what has become a long line of predictable moves to dismantle decades of environmental progress, Bush's effort to weaken critical new source review regulations means more smog for Michigan, more toxins in the Great Lakes and more extreme climate changes over time.
Check out what the Austin Statesman newspaper says about George "Carcinoma" Bush's latest anti-environmental crusade:

"In the case of mercury, EPA officials told the trade group on Dec. 4 that they expect Clean Air Act programs to force coal-fired power plants to cut emissions of the toxic metal as much as 90 percent, to about 5 tons total per year, by 2008. The president's proposal would cap mercury emissions at 15 tons in 2018.
...Local, state and federal officials from Texas say they're concerned that Bush's plan might also interfere with efforts to reduce lung-damaging ozone pollution in Austin and other major cities. Compared with projected Clean Air Act targets, Bush's plan would allow plants to emit as much as 36 percent more nitrogen oxides, which contribute to ozone formation, and 50 percent more sulfur dioxide, a lung irritant, documents show.
...Environmental groups and the attorneys general of several Eastern states suspect the president's power plant proposal may be the first step of a broader Bush administration strategy to dismantle several pollution-control programs -- including New Source Review -- that have been a bane to some of the Bush administration's corporate allies, including Enron Corp. and several other Texas energy companies."

p.s. For those of you on this list who want to get good information on the Bush war against our environment and other outrages from the Shrub, check out the following links:
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