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E-M:/ Lame Duck Obnoxiousness

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Here's some total obnoxiousness from
John Engler....  defending gas guzzling,
roll-over prone SUVS....

I guess he is still mad at McCain for
beating Bush in Michigan, too...

Susan Shafer (517) 335-6397

McCain, Kerry and Hollings to Michigan: "Drop
Dead!" Senators Propose Devastating
Regulations for American Auto Industry

February 8, 2002

Governor John Engler made the following statement regarding proposals
by Senators John McCain, John Kerry and Ernest Hollings to
dramatically increase Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

"At a time when the American economy is struggling to recover from
recession, these proposals represent a frontal assault against an
industry that directly affects the income of one in seven American

"It is inconceivable to me that these senators are so out of touch with
America that they would put forward such expensive and dangerous
plans. Dangerous, because in the short run, they would dramatically
reduce the availability of family-size vehicles such as minivans, SUVís
and pickup trucks. Expensive, because costs would rise for families and
businesses who need these vehicles to meet their needs.

"Even worse, these plans are counterproductive to the goals of reduced
dependence on foreign oil and decreased air pollution because they
delay the transition to a future of hybrids and fuel cell-powered vehicles.
These proposals will divert resources from the technologies of the future
and waste them on the technologies of the past.

"These proposals are a crippling blow to American workers employed by
domestic automakers. Havenít we already lost too many American jobs
and dropped too much market share because of
congressionally-mandated CAF… advantages that primarily benefit
foreign small car makers?

"This attack was not unexpected. Two weeks ago, in my State of the
State message, I called on our congressional delegation to be ready to
stand up for our workers and the thousands of suppliers who depend on
a healthy American auto industry.

"Perhaps a first step might be to invite these senators and those who are
advising them to Michigan to see the industry they so eagerly want to
regulate out of business. Then, they could see and hear firsthand from
the workers and engineers who will be harmed by the havoc their plans
would wreak."

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