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Re: E-M:/ Election coverage -- Granholm's bid to be Great Lakes Champion

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I've yet to see Granholm do any heavy lifting
at all on state environmental policy.  Please
tell me what policy change to protect the
environment has Granholm lead and got changed?

She's certainly been missing from the action
when it comes to out of state waste coming to
our state.  If Granholm did anything about that
she's be going against and embarrasing
the Ed McNamara machine...

...(you know...he's the guy who couldn't keep the
carpets clean at Detroit Metro airport and who
took all sorts of campaign cash from waste industry
lobbies and hands out sweetheart county contracts to
his political friends....on Granholm's watch, by
the way, when she was a county attorney).

So, when it comes to the waste industry making
MIchigan a dump don't hold your breath waiting
for Granholm to do anything about it as her love
for the McNamara machine (and all of its warts)
is stronger than any concern for environmental

Granholm has already been the number 1 attorney-protector
of John Engler's and Russell Harding's efforts to
trash the Clean Air Act.  Next summer when we have
a smog episode before the democratic primary
election, remember well that it was Granholm who
put the full weight of her office behind the
effort to overturn EPA's tougher health standards
to protect children and asthmatics.

Granholm could have told Engler/Harding to go
ahead and hire Honigman lawyers for $275 an
our to battle against the best interests
of asthmatic children and respiratory disease
patients.  Instead, Granholm put the full weight
and prestige of the Michigan Attorney General's office
in favor of trashing health standards and advancing
the goals of the polluters, all in the name
of Michigan citizens.  She could have handed
Engler a black eye for squandering funds on
unsuccessful anti-health/anti-environmental
litigation....but she'd never
do that...that Granholm gal is a team Engler
player and doesn't have the nerve/guts/smarts to stand up to
the far Republican right wing like some other
dem candidates I know of.  So instead of standing
up to Engler, and exercising some judgement about
getting involved in anti-environmental litigation,
she jumps right in on Team-Engler's side against
the environment.

...and it wasn't just the litigation against the
health standards....there was litigation that
Engler brought on behalf of the electric utilities
that defended continued high emissions from Michigan
power plants that Granholm also joyfully embraced.

Frank Kelley would never have polluted the office
of attorney general in this way and against citizen

Any environmentalist that supports Granholm's record
of anti-environmental litigation just because she's
an abortion-rights advocate and a favorite of Emily's
list, doesn't know what's important and what's not
when it comes to protecting Michigan's environment
and ensuring we have a strong set of federal and state
laws to protect it.

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