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E-M:/ Michael Krause talk at MSU

Forward from MSU and Terry Link:

Monday, March 18, 2002
147 Communication Arts Building

 "Sustainable Development in Practice: 
Building Community and 
Enhancing the Urban Environment"

Michael Krause, Executive Director,      
Green Institute, Minneapolis, MN www.greeeninstitute.org

Sponsored by:
MSU Office of Campus Sustainability (355-1751)
University Committee for a Sustainable Campus 

The Green Institute is an entrepreneurial environmental organization
creating jobs, improving the quality of life, and enhancing the urban
environment in inner-city Minneapolis. The Institute encompasses four
programs: the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center, the ReUse Center,
DeConstruction Services, and GreenSpace Partners. 
Fundamental to our mission is the creation of high-quality living wage jobs
for residents of the Phillips neighborhood,an area of concentrated poverty
and unemployment. What sets us apart from many of our peers is our emphasis
on sustainable community development, or development that simultaneously
pursues economic, environmental, and social gains.
They received the 1999 National Award for Environmental Sustainability from
the President's Council on Sustainable Development and ReNew America. In
addition, on April 20, 2000, the Institute's Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center
was recognized by the American Institute of Architects as one of the Earth
Day Top Ten in exemplary sustainable design.

"Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition."
Dusty Fancher
Transportation and Land Use Policy Specialist
Michigan Environmental Council
phone 517-487-9539
fax 517-487-9541

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