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Re: E-M:/ Election coverage -- Granholm's bid to be GreatLakes Champion

Enviro-Mich message from Cubbagec@aol.com

Hi All,
Room for one more opinion:>)  I agree that it would have been nice for 
Granholm to have spoken out or taken a lead on some issues.  On the other 
hand, I've watched enough of our Govenor's style to know that he is among the 
most vindictive politicians we have seen in decades, and no matter what you 
think of him, he has a history of succeeding in power politics. 

I think most of us agree that no matter what we felt about his goals, it has 
been a shame that once elected Governor, he chose not to be a statesman, but 
that he felt it necessary to act as "the" Republican Governor.  I, at least 
never felt that he was representing my environmental interests.

I suggest that Jennifer Granholm would not be in a position to be and 
effective Attorney General had she challenged him on the powers of that 
office.  You will recall that even under Jim Blanchard, we lost the Michigan 
Toxic Substance Control Commission, an entity that we need today as much as 
ever (think dioxin contaminated Midland floodplain soils).  If you think Ms. 
Granholm has been ineffective, you should consider what Michigan would be 
like had the "Troll under the Bridge" moved on to change the AG's power.  I 
for one will listen very closely to her statements and the others' and then 
decide.  Do you remember that when Engler ran that there was any doubt about 
his environmental agenda?

I for one will give her the benefit of the doubt until much later in the 
game.  You can bash all you want, but who else have you heard that has the 
potential to make it a horse race?  (I like much of what I have heard from 
(and know about) several of the other candidates, but know that their chances 
are far more slim).


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