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Re: E-M:/ State Senators want National Forests given to Michigan-- and TIMBER MANDATE!

Enviro-Mich message from Tim <timf@mac.com>

> Why does the Mackinaw Chapter of SC continue to advocate for logging in our
> national forests when the official Sierra Club policy is to END COMMERCIAL

Three points:

One, the policy you refer to allows members of the Sierra Club to work
towards a bill in Congress to band commercial logging.  It doesn't force
Chapters or activists to work on that legislation.  It allows Chapters to
improve land management and stop bad practices on Federal lands as they see
fit.  In fact in the debate to pass the policy, it was sold to folks that
way.  SC policy allows Chapters to set their own priorities, within the
framework of all our policies viewed as a whole.

Two, the Mackinac Chapter works are hard as anyone to make positive
improvements in the management of our public lands.  We actually attend
meetings, write comments, appeal management actions, and go to court to
implement our strategy to recover and protect Michigan's ecological
diversity.  We do so on State and Federal public lands in Michigan.  Those
are the priorities we have selected, and they are making a difference.

Third, *no commercial logging* is not the only clear vision one can
advocate.  The SC in Michigan has followed a clear vision, and presented it
at many meetings and in comments to all Michigan's National Forest and All
State forest land.

I for one am proud of the Club's work in Michigan over the last two decades,
beginning with our involvement in the first National Forest plans.

Our priorities may not be the same as yours, that OK with me, hopefully
we're all doing what we feel is best for the land.  I think a diverse set of
tactics will get us to where we want to go, faster than only one tactic.

Good luck with your work, hope you'll wish me and others working with the
Mackinac Chapter the same.

Tim Flynn
Sierra Club, Mackinac chapter volunteer

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