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E-M:/ All Hands on Deck!! Energy Bill on Senate Floor

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

All Michigan environmentalists need to contact
U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow about the
Senate Energy bill..

All Hands on Deck!! Energy Bill on Senate Floor

Our energy future, global warming, Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge....all these issues are in play and in motion....

To:  Sierra Club Volunteers and Staff
From: Bruce Hamilton
Re:  National Energy Policy Senate Voting Starts

This is the Sierra Club's moment.  I hope each of you will take the time to
play an important role.  Washington, D.C., is awash in energy company money
and lobbyists and we need the grassroots power of the Sierra Club to
overcome these forces and demand a national energy policy that protects our
environment, our families, and our future.

The moment we have been building for has arrived.  The U.S. Senate is about
to vote on an historic bill that will have a huge impact on the environment
for decades to come.  Our wildlands, global warming, and environmental
quality priority programs all have major issues at stake.  At issue are the
fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge wilderness, automobile fuel
efficiency standards that impact global warming, and the stark choice
between a future with more dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power or
a future centered on clean renewable energy sources.

The main bill that is being debated is one offered by Senate Majority
Leader Tom Daschle -- which is a good place to start.  Over the next week
or more a long series of strengthening and weakening amendments will be
offered to this base bill, and the results of votes on those amendments
will be a test for each side.  Our present read is that a series of
relatively noncontroversial amendments will be offered early and that the
more contentious issues will come up later in the debate.  This entire
debate could stretch out over three weeks or more.  During this period we
must keep up the pressure and hold each elected official accountable.  We
will need to contact Senate offices before and after key votes and shine a
bright public spotlight on these critical votes in the press so all
Senators know the public is watching them.

While there are dozens of issues of critical environmental importance the
three that we are highlighting are: 1) preventing oil and gas leasing in
the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and on other environmentally sensitive
public lands; 2) raising the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standard
for motor vehicles (to 40 mpg); and establishing a high (20%) Renewable
Portfolio Standard (RPS) to mandate what percentage of our energy should
come from clean renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.  It
is absolutely essential that the Senate adopt the most environmentally
stringent bill possible, because the House has already passed a terrible
bill.  If we lose any of these issues, they cannot be fixed in a conference
committee with the House.

Over the coming days we will seek to keep you updated through regular
updates on electronic mail.  We will also be feeding more detailed
information to our national field staff (including EPEC staff) who have all
been directed to focus on these critical votes as a top priority in the
coming days.  While we do not want to broadcast detailed information on how
we expect each Senator to vote, based on past conversations, our field
staff can share our best intelligence with our leaders.  As votes are
taken, we will publicize and circulate the results of those votes so you
will be able to thank or criticize your senators for their early votes, and
hopefully thereby influence their future votes on tougher amendments.

It will be difficult to give lots of advance notice on when key amendments
will be coming up.  We will attempt to keep you posted as best we can.

So, if you care about clean air, toxic waste, wildlife, wilderness, clean
water, global warming, and the future of the planet (have I missed anybody
out there?) now is the time to act.   Thanks for everything you can do in
the days and weeks ahead.

Alex J. Sagady & Associates  http://my.voyager.net/~ajs/sagady.pdf

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