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Re: E-M:/ E-Licenses for fishing?? FW: 2002 FISHING LICENSESGO ON SALE MARCH 1

Thanks to Rita Jack for bringing this matter to our attention. The link to the fish consumption advisory, which is displayed prominently on the DNR web site under "Fishing Guides,"  and also available on the Michigan Department of Community Health's web site, is functional.
We do our best to keep the DNR site up-to-date, and we appreciate input from visitors.
Brad Wurfel
Press Secretary,
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

>>> "Rita Jack" <rita.jack@prodigy.net> 03/06/02 10:50AM >>>
Enviro-Mich message from "Rita Jack" <rita.jack@prodigy.net>

Hello Enviro-Mich-

The following DNR press release details how to get a Michigan fishing
license.  You can even purchase a license online - a great convenience.
Normally, folks are supposed to receive one in hard-copy booklet form
when they actually go and purchase their license directly from a fishing
license dealer.  However, the first reference online that I see for the
fish advisory states where one can go to pick one up.  I don't
understand why anyone who buys their license online would then bother to
take the time to make a special trip to pick up a fish consumption
advisory ?  So let's say you decide to buy your fishing license online.
First you click on http://www.michigandnr.com/

Then you click on the "Online Hunting and Fishing Licenses" button on
the left side of the screen, and it takes you here:

Next, you click on "Fishing Guides" on the left side of the screen.
There's no hint there that the fish consumption advisory information is
accessible from there.  A user has to guess, if they would even think to
look for that kind of information.   The "Fishing Guides" button takes
you here:

Next, you click the "Fish Consumption Advisory" link on the pop-up

When you finally wade through the 4 layers of website, you see that the
"Fish Consumption Advisory" blurb is placed below the "Releasing Fish
Alive" section, so that readers must scroll down to see the whole thing
with the phone numbers and the website address for the Michigan
Department of Community Health.  This page contains the following link
for an online copy of the fish consumption advisory at the Michigan
Department of Community Health at

And guess what?  When I clicked on it, I got a "Page Not Found Error"

Uh huh.  Why am I not surprised??  While I know this final broken link
is not a purposeful oversight, it sure seems that DNR management is
taking advantage of our increasingly technological society.   The state
continues to be reluctant to make it easy for people to get the
information they need to make informed decisions about whether or not to
consume what they catch or kill.  It should not be 4 layers deep into
the website, and it should not be placed below "releasing fish alive".
Come on - what's more important?   Fish lives or human lives??  Or
quality of life for fish or quality of life for humans?? 

Here's a real river example right in the "Middle of the Mitten":  What
about people who want to fish in beautiful-looking rivers like the Pine
River in Gratiot County, where there is a NO-CONSUMPTION FISHING
ADVISORY for the whole length of the river from the St. Louis
Impoundment all the way down to its confluence with the Chippewa River ,
a distance of 36 river miles according to the state's Year 2000 305(b)
report?    It's not just a limit to consumption, but NO CONSUMPTION, due
to the DDT and PBBs in the fish.  A fish with the
highest-ever-recorded-anywhere concentration of DDT in its tissues was
pulled from the Pine River!!  Where are sportsfishers and subsistence
fishers supposed to get that information, especially since there is
reluctance locally to post the river with warning signs? 

Michigan has to do a better job of getting information to people so they
can make fact-based decisions. 

-Rita Jack
Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter
Water Sentinels Project


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CONTACT:  Loren Hersey, 517-373-1205


LANSING--Anglers can purchase their 2002 Michigan fishing
licenses starting Friday, March 1, at more than 1,700
license dealers and Michigan Department of Natural Resources
offices statewide.
2001 licenses remain valid until April 1, 2002, and anglers
should note that 2001 fishing regulations remain in effect
through March 31. Any 2002 Michigan fishing license (except
the 24-hour license) purchased between March 1-31 is valid
for fishing during this period, including the April 1, 2002
to March 31, 2003 license year.
For added convenience and faster service, anglers can
purchase fishing licenses via the Internet at

By clicking the "e-license" link on the
DNR Web site, anglers can purchase their fishing licenses 24
hours a day, seven days a week. Online customers may use
Mastercard or Visa to charge their purchase, and they will
be able to print out licenses from their personal computer.
More than 16,000 anglers purchased fishing licenses online
in 2001, the first year this option was available, and DNR
officials expect these numbers to grow as more anglers and
hunters become aware of the advantages the system offers.
"E-license is especially helpful to nonresident anglers who
previously had to wait until they arrived in Michigan to
purchase their license," said Loren Hersey, DNR E-Commerce
Manager. "They now can have their license in the fishing
vest pocket or wallet before they leave home."
The e-license system also provides customers access to more
DNR information than could be provided at license dealer
locations, and it allows users to access a Frequently Asked
Questions database.


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