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Enviro-Mich message from HAMILTREEF@aol.com

In response to the DNR fishing website, I will tell you that the majority of 
the license purchasers don't care about the advisory book.  A total of 
1,250,000 booklets are printed at 16.6 cents each for $208,335.

The majority of sportfishers already believe that fish advisory is just 
another eco/antifishing propaganda.  The fish listed are often not fished for 
or consumed and those that are consumed are cleaned, trimmed, and not eaten 
every week.  The total novice sportfishers have more than enough ways to get 
the fish advisory information.  Anyone buying the license online can go to 
any Meijer or one of hundreds of license outlets around the state to find the 
stacks of advisories at the counter.  The license agents offer the fish 
consumption books along with the fishing regulations, but it is standard 
practice for the fishers to say keep the blankety thing.  They don't need it. 
 The stacks of hundreds unwrapped books are tossed in the garbage at the end 
of every year as a pain in the butt taking up counter space.  Sportfishers 
that are smokers certainly don't care about their health anyway.

Last January one sportfishing association in West Michigan took a different 
responsible approach and wrote a 2-year grant to the DEQ to have more 
tracking data of fish collected under PhD supervision to assure that the fish 
collected for eating consumption advisories were more accurate.  The grant 
was to eventually help several Public Advisory Councils and their Remedial 
Action Plans.  The DNR fishery biologist stationed on the lower Muskegon 
River sabotaged that grant and threatened the association that he would not 
allow any other related grant to the Great Lakes Fishery Trust be considered 
as well.  The fish biologist was adamant that he did not want any expansion 
of such scientific fish biological data collected for fish eating consumption 
data, and that it was not needed!  The fishing association paid out over 
$6000 of their money for the radio tracking equipment to set up the fish 
eating consumption data study and the equipment is sitting in a box.

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