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E-M:/ Spencer Abraham's Hypocrisy, Depraved Policies

Enviro-Mich message from Wjkramarz@aol.com

As he doles out two billion of our dollars in corporate welfare for "clean 
coal"  campaign contributors,  this "free market champion"  boasts of another 
 welfare giveaway in the form of the  "Nuclear Power 2010 initiative, aimed 
at establishing public-private partnerships to share in the cost of selecting 
U.S. sites for new nuclear plants and for submitting formal applications to 
the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for early site approval."   Although 
we're "sharing" startup costs,  don't expect a cut from the future "private" 
utility profits. 

"'This is a critical step in paving the way for deploying more nuclear power 
in the United States,' Abraham said. 'Identifying and obtaining NRC permits 
for acceptable sites will answer the question of where we will build new 
plants and thereby remove a major hurdle to building a new U.S. nuclear plant 
by 2010.'"   

Given Abraham's professed concern with "America's energy security,"   he 
seems to have forgotten to allocate any of our dollars towards retrofitting 
existing nuclear power facilities with surface-to-air missile installations. 

Click Here: <A HREF="http://ens-news.com/ens/mar2002/2002L-03-05-09.html";>
Environment News Service: AmeriScan: March 5, 2</A> (scroll down to fourth 
story).   See also the lead story exposing fraud of oil industry claims that 
drilling is an environmentally benign process.

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