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E-M:/ Sierra Club Ads Urge MI Senators to Support Renewable Energy

Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>


An extremely important element in the energy plan fight currently in the
Senate is the question of support for renewable technology, such as wind and
solar.  Sen . Jeffords has proposed legislation which would support
renewables by requiring that 20% of our energy come from renewable sources
by 2020.  According to the Department of Energy, this goal is achievable,
won't cost us more and of course will fight air pollution and global
warming.  Importantly, support for renewables will spark a massive job boom
(see Tellus Institute, WI Energy Bureau, and Union of Concerned Scientists)
for numbers.  Michigan, with its high skilled work force could be the hub of
this industry.

Please take a moment and call Senator Levin and Stabenow to express support
for the Jeffords 20% by 2020 goal.

Levin 202-224-6221
Stabenow 202-224-4822

Michigan Sierra Club

News Release
109 East Grand River, Lansing, MI 48906 – Ph: 517/484-2372 – Fax

For Immediate Release:					Contact:
Thursday, March 07, 2002 					Dan Farough, Sierra Club
(517) 484-2372



LANSING -As the U.S. Senate begins this week debating how America's future
will look, the Sierra Club is running radio ads in Michigan, urging Senators
Levin and Stabenow to require that by the year 2020, 20 percent of America's
electricity be produced by renewable energy sources like wind and solar
power.  Comparing our energy challenges to the efforts to put a man on the
moon and win World War II, the Sierra Club is calling on Senators to show
visionary leadership to protect our children's future.

The ads state that America can meet our energy needs in ways that are
cleaner, cheaper and more secure than fossil fuels such as coal and gas.
Competitive technologies already exist and experts say the shift to 20% by
2020 won't cost us more and will cut air pollution.

In addition to Michigan, the radio ads will also run in Georgia, New
Hampshire and Florida through the weekend.

"We don't have to dig, drill and destroy to meet our energy needs," said Dan
Farough, Political Director of the Sierra Club in Michigan.  "Instead we
could make Michigan the hub of 21st century technology that will make our
energy policy clean, safe, and secure.  Michigan manufacturers could make
the modern technology, that would give us clean, renewable energy and a
healthy environment -- but we need our Senators to show far-reaching vision.
If we keep relying on dirty power plants and fossil fuels, we'll be stuck
with pollution, health problems and security concerns.  Our dependence on
fossil fuels leaves us vulnerable and the Michigan economy vulnerable.”

"Clean energy based on renewable power like wind and solar is a triple win,"
said Isaac Elnecave of the Michigan Environmental Council.  "It keeps our
air and environment clean and healthy, it makes America more secure by
relying on diversified technology and uses resources that we have in
abundance, and it creates jobs and grows the economy.”
“The Sierra Club wants Senators Levin and Stabenow to support an energy plan
that will truly move us forward into the 21st century- a plan that increases
how much energy we get from renewable sources to 20 percent, significantly
increases fuel economy and protects our special places like the Arctic
National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling,” said Farough.

Radio script

Sierra Club
Radio :60
"Can Do" Macon
March 4, 2002

Our grandparents met the challenge of World War II.
Our parents put a man on the moon.
Now, we face our own test of American know how and "can do" spirit.

Our challenge is to meet our energy needs...
in ways that are cleaner, cheaper and more secure than coal and gas.
That's why we're asking the U.S. Senate
to require that 20 percent of our energy be produced from renewable sources
like wind and solar power by the year 2020.

The technologies already exist...
and experts say the shift won't cost us more,
and will cut air pollution.

Call Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow at 202-225-3121.
Tell them 70 percent of Americans want to shift to renewable fuels...
Ask them to commit to a sensible energy plan --
that includes producing 20 percent of our electricity from
renewable sources, increasing the fuel economy of our cars, and protecting
special places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, from drilling --
for our families, for our future.

Paid for by the Mackinac Chapter of the Sierra Club.


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