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E-M:/ Wash Post reports Clean Air Act rollback is happening

Enviro-Mich message from "Megan Owens" <meo@umich.edu>

Below is the link to and excerpts from an article from today's Washington
Post saying that the Clean Air Act (NSR) rollback is happening.  This could
allow 20 of Michigan's oldest and dirtiest power plants to increase their
pollution!  The Bush administration is not expected to even make an official
announcement, but rather to simply begin enacting it.  This is both highly
unusual and likely illegal.
		Megan Owens,


EPA Will Ease Coal Plant Rules
Incentives to Replace Pollution Lawsuits

By Eric Pianin and Dan Morgan
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, March 18, 2002; Page A01

The Environmental Protection Agency will begin announcing in the next
several weeks rule changes aimed at discouraging new government lawsuits
against operators of aging coal-fired power plants in favor of incentives
for voluntary reductions in toxic emissions, according to EPA officials.

After nearly a year of intense internal debate, the Bush administration has
decided to formally alter a clean-air enforcement initiative begun under
President Bill Clinton in 1999 that spawned dozens of lawsuits against some
of the nation's worst polluting power plants, agency and White House
officials said.

. . .
Some of the country's biggest energy companies, including Atlanta-based
Southern Co., have poured millions of dollars into Republican political
campaigns and launched a major lobbying effort to stop the costly lawsuits.

. . .
Eric V. Schaeffer, who resigned this month as head of EPA's Office of
Regulatory Enforcement, said Cinergy officials were simply making the best
of a bad situation. He said, "They put their tons of pollution on the table,
they shook hands with us," and then the regulatory landscape changed.

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