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E-M:/ 2001 Waste Import info released - 27% higher than 2000

Enviro-Mich message from Jeff Surfus <jeffsurfus@comcast.net>

DEQ has recently released their annual report on solid wastes landfilled
in Michigan.  As expected the numbers for out-of-state waste are again
significantly higher.  The report can be viewed at:


Not surprisingly, given the recent Canadian contracts, the amount of
out-of-state wasted landfilled in Michigan has increased by 27% over last
year's record-breaking numbers.  There is lots of good information in the
report, including a breakdown by county and facility of where they are
receiving their garbage from.

Here are the import numbers:

>From Canada - 5,894,738 cu yds - up 40% - most to Wayne, Washtenaw, and
Macomb counties

>From Illinois - 2,572,316 cu yds - all to one landfill in Berrien County

>From Indiana - 1,768,909 cu yds - most to the same landfill in Berrien

>From Ohio - 1,118,737 cu yds - most to Monroe County

>From Wisconsin - 483,258 cu yds - most to Menominee County

Plus small amounts from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Now roughly one in five cubic yards disposed in Michigan comes from out of



-the Engler administration, including the DEQ, continues to maintain they
are powerless;

-certain state legislators, seeking political cover, have introduced a
wave of meaningless legislation in Lansing, knowing full well that this
legislation will never see the light of day;

-other legislators have introduced good legislation that can reduce
out-of-state waste but are unable to move it in the Lansing quagmire;

-high powered lobbyists such as Bruce Parker, CEO and President of the
National Solid Waste Management Association come to Lansing to pressure
the Michigan legislature to do nothing;

-the waste industry receives millions and millions in tax free loans from
the state to expand facilities in Michigan; and

-Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Jeff Surfus

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