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E-M:/ Editorial in Flint/Ann Arbor papers critical of dioxin/201 change

Enviro-Mich message from Tracey Easthope <tracey@ecocenter.org>

Excerpts below:

State has no basis for lowering rules with tougher dioxin guidelines on the way

	Weakening cleanup standards for soil containing the deadly 
contaminant dioxin is unjustified based on everything we know.  So 
why is the state Department of Environmental Quality in such a hurry 
to ease up?
	Inquiring minds might suspect the DEQ is seizing an 
opportunity created by a delay in a new federal assessment of 
dioxin's dangers to spare industry the cost of pollution cleanup. 
That's what environmentalists claim; they also say Dow Chemical in 
Midland would be the main beneficiary.  Even if that's not true, the 
state has no basis for lowering its dioxin standard as it writes 
proposed rules for pollution cleanups.

	The release of the EPA study has been held up partly by 
objections from industries who would face more costly cleanups under 
the new finding of dioxin's danger.  That holdup, the DEQ reasons, 
allows it to ignore the EPA study for now, and using that cover wants 
to raise Michigan's tolerance for dioxin contamination in the 
	Nonsense.  The DEQ is supposed to protect the public from 
environmental hazards, not look for loopholes that only give credence 
to suggestions that the agency is doing the bidding of business.  The 
DEQ can clean up its image and put those fears to rest by leaving the 
dioxin standards where they are, until the EPA study triggers the 
more stringent rules everyone knows are coming.

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