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E-M:/ Granholm weighs in on dioxin/201 changes

Enviro-Mich message from Tracey Easthope <tracey@ecocenter.org>

This clip from an AP story just posted.
Contrast DEQ spokesperson Ken Silfven's comments in this article to his quote
just 11 days ago in a public statement (see below)

Attorney general, environmentalists criticize
dioxin rules

The Associated Press
3/26/02 6:14 PM

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Proposed pollution rule changes came under 
fire Tuesday from the state attorney general and a leading 
environmental group.

Attorney General Jennifer Granholm released a letter urging state 
Environmental Quality
Director Russell Harding to reconsider what she called the 
department's "proposed
relaxation of cleanup criterion for dioxin in residential areas."

She said the DEQ now has a cleanup standard of 90 parts per trillion 
of dioxin. She said
the proposed rules would ease the standard of acceptable 
contamination to 150 parts per

"Unfortunately, the proposed change is not supported by sound science 
or prudent public
policy," she wrote. "If anything, current scientific information 
suggests that the dioxin
cleanup criterion should be tightened, not loosened." Granholm is 
among four Democrats
running for governor.

DEQ spokesman Ken Silfven called the letter "an embarrassment."

"There is no substance to it; there is nothing to back up her 
assessment," he said.

end clip ------

In fact, you could use DEQ spokesperson Ken Silfven's own statements 
to back up Ms. Granholm's assessment.  Mr. Silfven has already 
acknowledged that dioxin science suggests the contaminant is more, 
not less toxic.  In a story for Booth Newspapers written by Dave 
Poulson on March 15, 2002,  Mr. Silfven was quoted as saying the 

"Everything we're seeing is showing that dioxin is probably more dangerous than
previously thought. No one is disputing that's the direction it seems 
to be going."

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