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Some in the DEQ may find it surprising that I'm partially a product of the MSU Resource Development Department, having majored in Natural Resources Development and also in Botany & Plant Pathology in the mid-80's. I'd like to add that it was always a pleasure to sit down and talk with my advisor, Dr. Eckhart Dersch, always very friendly and as I recall, with unlimited patience for a student's environmental idealism.
While I have not studied the Bhopal situation at all, and cannot comment from an informed perspective, my sympathies are with Brian McKenna. I have found many of his writings very informative and insightful. It's not easy when you're up against The World, as he has chosen in this issue. Those walking with The World certainly find themselves on the path of least resistance, to say the least, whether deliberately or conveniently. On the surface, I do find it hard to understand how Dow escapes all liability, if that is in fact true. And if this is consistent with corporate law and stockholder liability, maybe the laws should be changed.
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