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Title: Sanctuary Manager
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
and Underwater Preserve

Opening date:  March 20, 2002
Closing date:  April 17, 2002

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is seeking a
sanctuary manager for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and
Underwater Preserve. Designated in October 2000, the Thunder Bay National
Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve is a 448-square mile sanctuary
dedicated to protecting a nationally significant collection of shipwrecks.
It is one of thirteen sanctuaries in NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary

Working with the State of Michigan as an equal partner, the manager is
responsible for directing the cultural resource protection, education,
research, and recreation enhancement programs for the sanctuary.  The
manager will coordinate with Federal, state, regional and local government
agencies; research and education communities, user groups; and businesses.

Work experience must include knowledge of the management of historic
shipwrecks and other underwater cultural resources; leadership and
management skills; and outreach to communities.

Salary range: $64,542 - $83,902

Location:  Alpena, Michigan

All applications must be made on-line.  To apply for the job or to view the
vacancy announcement:

1. Go to www.jobs.doc.gov/

2. Click on "Search."

3. Click on "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"

4. The vacancy announcement is HNOS02.061JMM (or do a search for "Alpena.")

For additional information on the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and
Underwater Preserve, see www.glerl.noaa.gov/glsr/thunderbay.

For information on the National Marine Sanctuary Program, see

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