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Michigan Sierra Club
News Release

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Tuesday, April 2, 2002				  Dan Farough, Sierra Club 517-484-2372
							  Lana Pollack, President, MEC 517-487-9539



LANSING, MI:  The Sierra Club is running radio ads this week urging Senators
Levin and Stabenow to support an energy bill that reduces our dependence on
oil and protects special places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
The Sierra Club expressed disappointment that Senator Levin and Stabenow
chose not to require Detroit to make more technologically advanced and fuel
efficient vehicles among other key energy votes.

The ad notes that America needs “to loosen the grip oil-producing nations
have on us, to make responsible plans for the future that employ better
technology and American know-how to decrease our dependence on oil.”  The ad
calls on Levin and Stabenow to fix the current energy bill, which does
nothing to reduce our dependence on oil, promote renewable energy technology
and could sacrifice special places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"The energy bill is unacceptable in its current form,” said Dan Farough,
Political Director of the Michigan Sierra Club.  “As it stands now, the
Senate energy bill does nearly nothing to reduce our consumption of foreign
oil, to increase our energy security, to create jobs with cutting edge
technology, or to safeguard our environment.  The Senate bill is looking
more and more like its evil Enron-inspired twin which passed the House and
must be stopped."

The Senate energy bill began as a promising vehicle for meeting our nation’s
energy needs.  However, many of the oil-saving measures were removed.
Senators voted against raising corporate average fuel economy (CAFE)
standards, which is the single biggest step we can take to reduce our
dependence on oil and improve our energy security.  Senators also rejected a
measure that would have increased the amount of electricity produced by
clean, renewable sources like wind and solar power, replacing it with an
amendment that does little to promote renewable energy and counts municipal
waste incineration as renewable.

The Sierra Club, joined by the Michigan Environmental Council, took the MI
Senators to task for their role in blocking fuel efficiency standards.
“Senators Levin and Stabenow are not only preventing the nation from
addressing our dependence on foreign oil, they are putting the US auto
industry at risk by letting foreign manufacturers jump ahead of us in fuel
efficient technology, just like in the 70s and 80s,” said Lana Pollack,
President of the Michigan Environmental Council.

The Sierra Club and the Michigan Environmental Council are hopeful that
Senator Levin and Stabenow will work to safeguard the Arctic Wildlife Refuge
and our other natural treasures, reduce America's oil consumption by one
million barrels a day, guarantee that at least 10 percent of our electricity
supplies come from renewable energy resources, ensure that electricity
consumers will not be ripped off by more Enrons, and reduce rather than
increases pollution of our air, water and land.

"Levin and Stabenow missed a major chance to move our nation forward, to use
technology and American know-how to make real progress in reducing our oil
dependence, saving consumers money, and cutting global warming pollution,"
said Pollack   "Critical amendments remain and there is still a chance that
the Senate will take the right road.  Unless the bill is fixed, it's
unacceptable as energy policy and should be defeated."

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