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Re: E-M:/ seeking help on air emmission question

Enviro-Mich message from "Michael Bitondo" <BITONDOM@michigan.gov>

The initial query on this subject made the following statement:

"I need a simple explanation (that will satisfy a gentleman who thinks
that plants give off carbon dioxide).  Any help you can provide would be

Just for the record - plants do give off carbon dioxide.  They breath
just like animals do.  But, in the presence of sufficient light, they
also photosynthesize and use more carbon dioxide then they give off. 
Likewise, they give off more oxygen they use.  In the absence of
sufficient light, however, plants use oxygen and give off carbon

This becomes a problem in a lake or pond that is enriched with
nutrients and then becomes choked with aquatic vegetation.  At night,
the plants will use up all or most of the dissolved oxygen and make it
impossible for aquatic animals such as fish and insects to survive.  It
only takes one night of too low dissolved oxygen to kill all the fish.

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