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E-M:/ On SHT remarks

Dear All

First, as a fellow enviro I do not condone attacks on people living with any
disability, disease, or disorder - obesity included. 

Second, I would like to point out that the segway human transport (SHT)
still promotes personal transportation for only one person, which is rather
SHT-ty. Will we replace the a single commuter in a car with the SHT? Is this
helpful to our cause of promoting mass transportation? Do we want 24 people
riding thier SHT to work or 24 people riding the bus?   It is defiantly not
promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Next, This SHT really is a scooter and it should be treated like a scooter.
It is not appropriate to have this SHT on the sidewalks plowing over
pedestrians. The SHT lobbyists wants to allow them on sidewalks, and this is
dangerous. Places have ordinances restricting bikes, roller blades and
skateboards for various reasons -- but somehow the folks promoting this SHT
thinks that the SHT should have free reign over sidewalks. That is scary

Finally, as you correctly pointed out, This SHT is also out of reach
economically for many people. Again we agree that riding on a SHT is better
than owning a SUV. However, will we see affluent people advocating for SHT
and say mass transit is irrelevant? Or will we allow SHT to takeover our
wheelchair lifts on public busses?

Public policy provides an interesting forum, and is an important component
in our daily lives. We should all try to look at the whole picture before we
make judgment about this SHT!

Dusty Fancher

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