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The URL is www.supremecourtus.gov

At 10:37 AM 4/24/2002 -0400, Dusty Fancher wrote:
>CORRECTION: The supreme courts website is 
>Click on opinions, then latest slip opinions, and its on the top-o-the-list
>Dusty Fancher
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>The Supreme Court today refused to allow unacceptable challenges to the 
>ability of a community to regulate and protect environmental quality 
>within their jursidictions.
>In a 6-3 decision, the majority ruled against landowners who sought to 
>develop parcels within the Lake Tahoe watershed but were prevented from 
>doing so by strong land use protections inacted by local 
>governments.  Lake Tahoe was once one of the clearest lakes in the world 
>but decades of development have added pollutants and caused eutrophication 
>to accelerate.  Further development at the level that would have ensued 
>had the Supremes ruled the other way would have certainly delivered a 
>knock-out punch to the Lake's ecosystem.
>Read the majority and minority opinions in the case, Tahoe-Sierra 
>Preservation Council Inc. v. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, No. 00-1167, 
>on the Supreme Court web site:www.supremecourt.gov.
>for the story.
>This decision should help jurisdictions in Michigan and elsewhere that 
>seek to protect natural resources and environmental quality (since the 
>Engler administration won't) at the local level through enactment and 
>enforcement of strong land use protections.
>Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist and Justices Antonin Scalia and 
>Clarence Thomas were the three dissenters.
>David Zaber
>Habitat Education Center

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